showreel 2016



Knitbox is an inhouse collection of digital assets for procedural creation of 3D fabric. Created in SideFX Houdini and rendered with Arnold on

It's paper

Originally a project to test demand for generic stock footage on iStockphoto. However, Interest proved to be very small. So the clips were edited into a short film and posted on Vimeo as a personal project.

As a result the film went viral immediately and broke through the boundaries normally associated with Motion Graphics Showcases.

Nike ~ LeBron XIII

London based top of the shelf motion house MANVSMACHINE needed an extra hand for a Nike job, featuring their LeBron XIII. 

I joined a small team giving technical support in finalizing the combination of the 3D shoe with live footage.

Solidangles Arnold render handled the extremely high res 3D scanned digital double of the shoe.


Cinema4d Advanced Production Techniques II gathered some of the best Cinema4D users in a conference room and had them show how they work, during a two day international seminar with guests from all over the world, sponsored by the biggest players in the industry. 

The result was 10 hours of expert tips and tricks downloadable from Vimeo on Demand.. And a new format for video tutorials.